InApp purchases are necessary for the use of Remote-RED. These are offered as subscriptions, with a duration of either three months or one year. The following InApp purchases are currently available:

Remote Access: This purchase provides access from the Remote-RED app to your dashboard or even other suitable pages on your local network. In addition, the “Actions function” is unlocked with this purchase, with which actions can be executed from iOS shortcuts or from the Android widget.

Push Notifications: With this purchase it is possible to send push notifications from Node-RED to your mobile devices. In addition, the “Questions function” is unlocked by the purchase, which makes it possible to perform an action directly from a notification on Node-RED.

Geofencing: This purchase can be used to create geofences within the Remote-RED Apps. When entering and leaving a geofence, Node-RED is informed about it and actions can be executed.

InApp purchases are handled by Apple (iOS) or Google (Android). The renewal, cancellation and billing is also handled by Apple or Google.

The price of InApp purchases depends on the operating system and your country. These vary and change, for example, when tax rates change. Therefore no price list is shown here.

FAQ Pricing

Does a purchase apply to multiple Node-RED instances?
An InApp purchase unlocks the corresponding app, not the associated Node-RED installation. This means that any number of Node-RED instances or additional suitable websites can be added to the app.

Does a purchase also apply to other smartphones / tablets?
The purchase applies to all smartphones or tablets that are operated with the respective Apple ID or Google account. If you use Apple Family Sharing, members of your family can also use the InApp Purchase. If necessary, you have to execute the function ‘Restore previous purchases’.

Does a purchase on iOS also apply to Android or vice versa?
This is technically not so easy to solve, so no. If you use iOS and Android devices, you have to make the purchase in both ‘worlds’.

Can the function be tested before paying?
The Remote Access feature can be used a few times without an InApp purchase. The push notifications also work for several days without an InApp purchase. This is to test if it technically works and if the features are useful for you.